Your ostomy community is only one click away

Your ostomy community is only one click away

I once saw a quote on a Facebook group: ”The only thing I can not do with an ostomy is poop out of my bum.”

I thought this was great and I wish I knew who said it first! Obviously people may have other illnesses or disabilities, or have a urostomy, but it really spoke to me and applied to my current situation. I have been through a traffic accident in my childhood, and been through a lot, but my ostomy is one of those things that just improved my quality of life. The only thing it took from me was the ability to eat corn and go to the bathroom ”the normal way”.

Not going to lie, living with an ostomy can sometimes be difficult and exhausting, but so was my life before my surgery. My surgery was elective and I was really excited to do my own internet deep dives and research. Some people may not have the mental capacity or time to do that. This is where the ostomy community steps in!

My ostomy also gave me a sense of community and new friends. During this pandemic me and two other ostomates have hosted online support meetings via video chat, and it is great. This week I went for a walk with a friend I met through a Facebook group.

The ostomy, J pouch, chronic illness, disability etc. community is very diverse. Last year I met up with another ostomate and went to an Assistive Technology event, and learned a lot about special needs, mobility aids and medical appliances. If I did not have my ostomy I would have not experienced events like this!

Happy summer everyone, and remember, your community is only one click away <3

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