Why I named my stoma

Why I named my stoma

I remember being very overwhelmed whilst in hospital. I had plenty of time to ponder as I was there for two and a half months. I googled a lot, trying to find out about others people’s experiences with stoma surgery.

I found out that many ostomates name their stoma. This was different, I was amused at first and chatted with some of my fellow patients with new stomas like me. We decided to come up with some names. One named hers Buzz after Buzz Lightyear, not sure why but it could be that her stoma was extremely overactive, she would point in the air and shout “to infinity and beyond” It cheered us up no end.

I came up with Tomas because it was an anagram of stoma and I thought it was cute. My stoma nurse went along with it too and would ask how “Tommy” was behaving. My friend thought it looked like a tomato so would call it Tommy the tomato. I quite liked it being its own entity, I could tell him off and generally blame him for anything I wanted to.

I found an app that allowed me to make a cartoon character stoma. Tomas was born. He has a twitter page, Facebook page and I have a blog with Tomas as the logo. I have started a small information book for very young children, a bit like the Mr Men books which I hope to finish soon, to help the very young awaiting surgery, or if they know someone with a stoma it can help explain.

All in all , I think it is a great idea to name your stoma, it can help overcome the fear of living with a stoma and I think we make a great team Tomas and I.