What to expect on the day of elective ostomy surgery

What to expect on the day of elective ostomy surgery

I arrived at the surgical assessment ward at 7am to have my operation to remove and explore a persistent perineal sinus tract. My husband came with me and we were asked to sit in the waiting area first. A nurse then called me and led us to the next room where there were six beds, this is where we get ready for surgery. I didn’t need to use the bed and just sat on the chair. I was introduced to the nurse that would be looking after me pre surgery. My details were checked, and I was given two wrist bands, mine were red because I have some allergies but usually they are white.

The nurse asked lots of questions, usually a repeat of the same questions in the pre op appointment. I got changed into the sexy hospital gown and teddy socks, made sure I didn’t have jewelry on ( I was allowed my wedding ring, that was taped up).

The registrar arrived to chat to me about what they were going to do and checked my understanding and then my surgeon popped his head round too to say they will look after me blah blah.

The anesthetist was next and asked me if I wanted an epidural or general anesthetic, I had no idea that I had a choice but opted for GA. Then it was a bit of a wait until the walk of doom. I got called and was told to take the pillow off the bed and off we went down the corridor, this was quite nerve wracking, but the nurses tried small talk and the odd joke.

The trolley came next and another nurse and name checking ensued and the small talk while I nervously waited. Eventually it was my turn to go into the little room before the theatre to have the anesthetic, I remember her struggling to get the cannula in and having to start again saying I would get a bruise. I was given a sedative first and it worked a treat, I felt nicely drunk and relaxed. The oxygen mask went on and that was that. Nothing to be scared about if you know what to expect.

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