What to bring on your travels

What to bring on your travels

Holidays are a topic that I am not just comfortable with yet, but I am trying to be as organised with myself and also ‘BOB’ as he so important now in my life. He is a big part of it as he literally saved my life, but he doesn’t control me in any shape or form.

So we have a family holiday soon and it is going to be amazing no doubt, but now that ‘BOB’ is here I need to be best prepared for anything that can happen. I have been talking to ostomates that have already been in holidays and they are all coming back with positive feedback which will make me settle far better. My nurses were giving advice in relation to the heat and hydration which is something that I forget about most of the time.

I have never been well enough to go on a holiday until now which I am so excited about that I have maybe been taking my organising skills a bit too far.

Things that I am taking with me are:

• Plenty of my Bags (plus mini ones for the pool)
• Usual stoma appliances .e.g. wipes disposable bags
• Travel Insurance
• ECHIC Card
• Travel card (To tell airport that I wear a surgical appliance)
• Dioralyte
• Loperamide

Check out with your airline if you are able to take extra luggage with you for your medical conditions for .e.g. mine is easyjet and I am able to take 10kg extra for supplies which is great. Especially for me as I like to carry plenty.

I will keep you guys updated with a blog after my holiday. Or if you want to follow me on my snapchat it is aduffy499