Travelling- my tips for packing supplies

Travelling- my tips for packing supplies

Travelling can be an intimidating adventure, especially when you have an ostomy.  I absolutely love travelling and having a stoma has never stopped me.  The key is to remember that more is best.  Always bring more supplies than not. 

I tend to over-pack with ostomy supplies especially if I am travelling overseas and I’m not sure how easy it is to access supplies.  I tend to pack more if I’m going somewhere warm/hot and/or somewhere that I’ll be swimming as water and sweat decrease my wear time significantly.  If I’m going somewhere where it’s going to be cool and I won’t be swimming, then I pack a little bit more than my usual amount. 

I always pack my wafer and pouch, adhesive spray, barrier rings, barrier wipes, adhesive removal spray, and trash bags.  These are the normal supplies I use.  I plan to change my pouch every 3-4 days and I usually double that if I’m travelling.  I’d rather be over prepared than not! 

Travelling has never been an issue with me.  The only hassle I’ve ever experienced is at airport security when you walk through the scanner; that’s more of a nuisance than anything else.  When I arrive somewhere, I always make sure I know where the bathrooms are.  Luckily, bathrooms are pretty accessible anywhere these days, so this has not been an issue. 

Travelling is a beautiful thing and my ostomy has given me the opportunity to do as much travelling as I desire!

  • Great to hear you have had a positive experience travelling.  is a keen swimmer.  She might be able to give you some tips so you can enjoy the pool the next time.

  • Just got back from Dubai to visit family. First time travelling since my stoma 2 1/2 years ago. I was so nervous at first.travelling alone on a 14 hour direct flight. I had lots of supplies in my luggage and cabin bag enough to last me 2 months for a 3 week vacation. At first  I had these thoughts what if I had leakage 

    ,should I use the overnight urine bag, if not what would happen and I fell asleep and the bag was filled over capacity. Etc.

    As it turned out everything was fine, no worries, Can’t wait to travel again. My family had a beautiful pool but was afraid to use it in case it loosened my pouch and had leakage. Since the trip i’m using  a product from Coloplast that looks like it would be waterproof.

    will try it next time.  jazzman