Tips on showering with an ostomy

Tips on showering with an ostomy

Something I never thought I would write an article about.. “How to take a Shower” ?. It’s harder than it seems though with an ostomy bag; and it can get downright uncomfortable! It took me quite awhile to get used to the feeling, so here are some of the tips and tricks that worked for me; hopefully they’ll help you guys be a little bit more comfortable when you’re trying to get clean!

  • Waterproof Seals: I think these are super useful, sealing the area around your pouch (covering all sides and just a little bit past your base plate). I wish I could give you an exact point to go to with the seal measurement wise, but seeing as everyone has different body types you have to kind of experiment with what makes you comfortable. Using the Barrier Film Seal from Convatec really helps too; putting it under your pouch and the Sure Seal seems to hold everything together better. REMEMBER; it’s important to tag ALL of your pouch with sealent, you might have to cut pieces off the Sure Seal and do it manually (instead of just sticking it on), if water sneaks under the barrier it’ll be fun but it can be uncomfortable. Plus you’ll add at least 1 – 2 days of wear time on the your pouching system; resulting in less changes ?.
  • Hair Dryer: Whenever your pouch gets wet it can be a little uncomfortable, so I use the same thing that I do when I do my changes. Use a hair dryer to get all of the water that’s still on your pouch off, also (though it isn’t necessarily fragile); it’s a lot easier to dry your pouch this way than using a towel.
  • Another really important point is to not stay in the water to long, it’ll certainly hold.. but waterproof or not it can get reaaaally uncomfortable if it gets too much water on top/around or inside the seal. Simply best not to take the chance, personally I take cold showers to speed myself up and.. wake up faster in the morning. That way I’m not dozing off in the shower getting ready for work.

You can (and should) still take the time to take a comfy, warm shower when you’re doing a change though, it’ll help clean everything and you get some comfy time in a warm shower. It feels really good to let your stoma out in the shower when you’re doing the change; and you can peel off half the pouch so it stays on (and doesn’t go everywhere and then get to your changing station and have an incident free quick change).

The showers can be uncomfortable at first but you’ll get used to them; I promise ?

  • I invented it myself as I was afraid to have a shower  with no protection. I use glad press and seal wrap. I use a piece about 12x12 inches, to cover the pouch use adhesive tape to seal it. It works like a charm .Blushà