The unexpected things about ostomy life

The unexpected things about ostomy life

I was sick for about a week, tested negative for covid thankfully. I lived on my couch and did nothing, so I had all the time in the world to observe my own symptoms and thoughts. I wanted to share a few unexpected things I realised about ostomy life:

1.)  Sometimes you are so lazy and sick that you end up sitting there watching Netfix with a half full bag for 3 hours. Chilling with my own output and a few pillows is okay.

2.) Sometimes you cough so bad that you end up sitting on the couch with a support belt.

3.) Sometimes your stoma lets you know that it is time to move and live normally again: I was not moving enough, ate junk food and ended up with a partial blockage scare.

4.)  Showering might be optional, but pouching system changes are not. After a few days of sweating and shivering at the same time the base plate is almost going to come off on its own if you are not careful. I did not know that I could be this comfortable with not caring about my “wear time”. It did not leak and my skin is alright, but forgetting to change it is still new to me.

5.) There is no greater bliss than packing an ostomy-to-go-kit and finally getting out from the house.

What are some of the things you have learned about living with an ostomy?

Stay happy and healthy, Alisa (insta: stomazing)

p.s. wear a mask!