The Pre Surgery Nerves

The Pre Surgery Nerves

The fear of any surgery is the fear of the unknown, the pain, the healing process, the scars, the mental ability to come through it. If you are like me, you might also worry if you will make it at all.

I have just had surgery and the lead up was more stressful than actually being in the pre theatre room. If you have had a traumatic experience previously then the nerves could be tenfold. When you have a surgery date you feel relieved but then as it gets nearer you nearly talk yourself out of it, then you decide ok so let's do this and be strong and back to talking yourself out of it.

Then it's the “be prepared stage,” pruning yourself so that your skin and body are the best they can be for surgery. Shave/wax, moisturise, use the pre surgery micro-bacterial wash everyday, pre-op drinks, pack your stuff. It keeps your mind on the surgery but also gives you something to do. Not quite the same as packing for a holiday, no bikini here, but do I need pyjamas or is a nightie better? Small suitcase or holdall?  Thinking “Aggghhhh I won’t sleep tonight,” but of course, you do.

The morning of surgery then arrives far too quickly and if you have a morning surgery then it's even quicker because you need to be at the hospital by 7am having drank two pre-op drinks, so it’s a 5am start. I started with the nerves again and panicky feelings. I just wanted it over with. The drive felt like forever and then it was the pre-op ward with lots of form filling and observations. I was so nervous I had to pee constantly.

The nerves kind of eased a bit as the surgeon popped by to say all was well and he would look after me, then the anaesthetist discussing post op pain relief. The only bit which triggered the nerves again was the anaesthetist asking if I knew it was a very painful operation…thanks for that! As it turned out it wasn't as bad as he made me believe.

I woke up afterwards and it really wasn’t too bad. I overthought it again.

What are your pre op nerves like? do you do anything to make things less stressed? What are your tips?