My stoma friendly smoothie recipe

Caitlin: My stoma friendly smoothie recipe

My diet has probably been the hardest thing to adjust to since my ostomy surgery.  There wasn’t a whole lot I couldn’t eat when I had Ulcerative Colitis.  Red meat and alcohol were the two things that made me sick.  Nothing else really bothered me.  I am constantly experimenting with new foods and I wish I could say that I can eat anything I wanted to. 

I lost a lot of weight after my surgeries and have had a very difficult time gaining that weight back.  I still have about 20 lbs to go and my last surgery was 6 years ago.  I have no idea why it’s so hard to gain weight.  With an ileostomy, I do feel like food digests through me very quickly which may contribute, however I know many people that don’t have a weight issue with their ileostomy.

I’ve met with an IBD Dietician many times and she gave me a recipe for a smoothie that has about 28 grams of protein.  I was recommended to eat about 1900 calories a day with 70-80 grams of protein daily.  Eating that much is a lot for me but I’m trying!

The smoothie is

8 ounces milk (I use Fairlife)=13 grams protein

1 scoop Beneprotein powder (off Amazon)=6 grams protein this powder digests well with ostomies

1 frozen banana=2 grams protein

1-2 teaspoons creamy peanut butter=2 grams protein

¼ cup Greek yogurt=4-5 grams protein

I’ve found this smoothie easy to digest and don’t cause me a ton of diarrhea.  I used to drink Ensure to get the protein but that would digest through my bag so fast.  Experimenting is the key for me.  I’ve found more foods that bother me that never did before.  It mostly irritates my skin because it’s going through my stoma so quickly.  

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