Staying in and going online

Staying in and going online

Hello again

The idea of being stuck in the house for longer periods of time may sound horrible to some, but for people with chronic illnesses it might be a second nature. 

I was ill for a long time before my colostomy surgery and did not really do much. Yes, I went out to drink or to have coffee with my friends sometimes, but it often came with a horrendous hangover aftermath or a lot of anxiety.

The corona pandemic has made me realise how much I miss going out to cafes and restaurants. I think I almost took them for granted because I´ve been able to do so much more since my operation. (The Finnish government has closed down all of the restaurants etc. until May).

Because of COVID-19 I have had online school and I have looked into alternative methods of learning, such as mobile games and apps. I got lucky with my classes, I have pharmacotherapy and medical calculations right now. My other class is about promotion of health. There is a couple of great tools for Finnish nurses in the app store and social media has really been helpful with my studies.

My study zone- the glittery goose brightens my day!

At the moment, I am into learning about pain management and how pain affects our mental health. Fortunately I am in a position where my health allows me to keep myself busy during these unusual events. At least I can enjoy all of the rooms in my home, not just my bathroom. My school work is a great escape and today I tried an online workout called Yoga with an ostomy.


Hope you are all doing well and staying safe


p.s. Make sure to call your elderly loved ones.

  • Hi Alisa.

    Thanks for sharing - it's so nice to hear what people are doing to keep busy at home. We've been looking into some pilates and online workouts that would be suitable for ostomates. Watch this space for more info and feel free to share your yoga links with us. 

    Stay Safe,