Starting a nursing job as an ostomate

Starting a nursing job as an ostomate

Hello again!

I started nursing school just before the pandemic. I had no prior experiences from the nursing world, I had only been a patient my whole life. This summer I got a part time gig as a nursing assistant and I have learned so much!

I obviously can’t go into full detail about my job, but the one message I want to deliver is that many things can be done as an ostomate too!

I have been helping others with mobility and showering, and wore my support belt when needed. Certain tasks require more movement and I am now a bit more aware of my skills.  Even though I am providing very basic care it is still rewarding.

I also chose to book an appointment with my ostomy nurse to check my stomach and ask her what type of support wear would be the best and if there is anything I should take into consideration.

Since I work in a health care setting I chose to be open about my ostomy. I think nurses and doctors will understand it. The patients/customers do not know about it, but a couple of people I work with do. Since I do not have any work experience in nursing yet I chose to tell about the ostomy advocacy I have been doing. My work might not be ostomy related, but at least I know the process of healing both physically and emotionally! To sum it up, I think they appreciate the empathy.

I only had to do one bag change at work, and it was okay. I have a bag of supplies in the locker room and took some of my IBS supplements with me. (I have IBS but my ostomy was the result of a car accident)

I also wanted to tell, that I was tested for Covid-19 about a week ago, and the results were thankfully negative. The test itself was a bit scary, but it was over in 3 seconds. Honestly the waiting game of the results was worse than the test itself.


Stay safe!

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