Dealing with sore skin around your stoma

Dealing with sore skin around your stoma

Hey guys today I wanted to share with you my tips for dealing with sore skin. At some point most of you have probably had sore or itchy skin in the area around the stoma where the flange sits. Personally I use Cavilon barrier spray and Eakin Slims.

The spray puts a thin coating on your skin to help protect it from becoming sore and the Slim, which is a small, thin moldable ring fits snuggly around the stoma to help prevent leaks.

I find both of these items together work well for me. But sometimes my skin just has a bit of a protest and throws the toys out of the pram! This results in tender, itchy skin which can drive me insane.

Recently after a bag leak I needed a quick change and although I used the spray I didn’t put a seal on and within a couple of days my skin was very sore as you can see from the photo at the top right.

Then when I next changed my bag I added the moldable ring and within a few days my skin was fantastic. So if you have a look at the before and after photos below you’ll see what a huge difference this little Eakin Slim makes to my skin.

I hope this is helpful, until next time, take care.

  • Hello, i am new here.  I hope this helps too, but i find using pure aloe right after a shower and a good towel drying, really helps my skin. I have an irregular stoma, where i have to use convex appliances, and being the stoma is a part of my small bowel, often is not easy to manage for all the leakages. I do take up to 6 immodium a day, eat applesauce, bananas and tapioca , all of which do help. I