Sharing your experience with others

Sharing your experience with others

Choosing whether or not to talk opening about your stoma is a personal decision that everyone has to make.  Here's why I've chosen to say my experience.

After my operation, I decided to expand my social media presence and use it to share my experiences and offer advice and support to others. It took off and started to grow rapidly, mainly due to my Twitter account. This, in turn, led to a lot of other things: a few blogs, a swimwear photoshoot for ostomy wear, charity fundraising, guest speaking at an event for Respond Healthcare about my life after illness. I even managed to appear in a 2017 calendar published by Stomawise.

I take great pleasure in talking to other people about my ostomy and if it helps just one person to cope a little better, then job done. I am not a regular blogger, I have only done one or two blogs so far, but I have posted a few videos about my ostomy on my YouTube channel. 

When asked why I am so positive, considering what I have been through, I reply: ‘I have lost so many people to so many illnesses, but I am still alive and will not waste my life being negative’. Please join me on my positive journey, as we have only one life and we should make the most of it.

IBD is a horrible illness that so many have to live with. I am glad to say that, from my experience, living with a stoma is not the horrific thing some people think it is, and I would choose it over illness every time. Please feel free to ask me anything by posting a comment on this blog, or you can contact me through Twitter @keiththom2014  I’m always here to help.