Seeing my stoma for the first time

Seeing my stoma for the first time

When I think back to when I was told about my operation and having a stoma formed. I didn’t in the slightest think that I would be the person I am today, currently studying to get into nursing, blogging and ENGAGED!!! (AHHH STILL IN SHOCK). It’s amazing how your life can change for the better.

I wouldn’t be the person I am without my nurses in Altnagelvin; I am privileged to have such amazing support. From providing information on what a stoma is, what it does, to being a friend and of course the most important one introducing me to ‘BOB’.

After my operation once the anaesthetic wore off, I remember peeking down under the blanket to look at my stomach to see my stoma. I quickly looked away thinking ‘oh God not ready for this’, then I heard these strange noises which I became conscious about, not so much anymore though. I was reassured by the nurses that it was a good sign, I wasn’t sure or not at that point.

My stoma nurse came to see me and brought a couple of boxes and said we’re going to change your wee bag. So before we changed it she said what bag you would like, two samples where shown I picked the one with the coloured box and you know colours help lol. So I saw BOB and thought ‘this is an ugly wee bugger here’ it was red, looked sore even though I could feel nothing and seeing a part of your intestine out attached to your abdominal was just.. (words can’t describe lol).

He was swollen and immediately I asked my nurse ‘is this going to be this size for ever!!’. Thankfully she reassured me no because the surgeons were working with your insides he is swollen, with time approx. 12 weeks it will be a smaller stoma. She was right he is was 42mm and now is a tiny 26mm.

I have gotten used to BOB, some days I look at him and think ‘you could be a lot better looking lol’. But it’s the fact because he saved my life, we’ve been through a lot of ‘crap together’ no pun intended aha, have our ups and downs. I am grateful for everyday wakening up to the light and seeing my family, friends and Fiancée (STILL GETTING USED TO SAYING THAT).