Ordering ostomy samples

Ordering ostomy product samples


This time I wanted to come by and talk about the “bliss” of ostomy pouch samples.

I really highly recommend ordering ostomy product samples. I have found my “go to set” (for example the Eakin rings I use) after trying out dozens of different systems.

You can contact your stoma nurse, or order samples via phone/internet. I have done all of these, and the samples usually arrived between 3-14 days (in Finland). I have also gotten samples in some stoma related events, before covid-19.

It is also sometimes worth checking your product company’s website, do they have new stuff?

Ostomy care product world is a crazy jungle, and I have tried at least 7 different types of flange extenders / tapes that go around my wafer, many many rings and a few pouches. Now I like to keep my routine simple and use the same stuff, but sometimes I throw some stoma powder on or something I got from my stoma nurse, like some protecting skin spray.

I use a two piece system. I keep my wafer/flange/base plate on for about 2-4 days now, and change my bag daily. I have also tried different types of drainable one piece bags (samples) but was not a fan. I do get the point of one pieces, but it just did not work with my colostomy. Everyone is so different, so do not be afraid to try new stuff!