Nursing school with an ostomy

Nursing school with an ostomy: the beginning

My name is Alisa and I come from Finland. I have been living with a permanent colostomy for almost a year now. My ostomy is called Stevie the Stoma.

In 2004 (when I was five years old) I got hit by a bus during rush hour, and got a temporary colostomy. It was reversed in 2005, but the long-term effects of the trauma stayed and I developed a painful adhesion in my stomach. A series of problems occurred and fifteen years later I was “running the bathroom marathon”.

In December 2018 I called the clinic and asked to get my ostomy back. They said yes, and I got my current stoma in February 2019.

Getting this ostomy made it possible for me to travel again, date, and apply for university. I started nursing school in the beginning of this year and it has been very interesting. The school and my class-mates know about my ostomy.  So far I have taken one blood sample, and learned a lot of things in theory.

I have been through multiple surgeries and done some serious mental gymnastics to get where I am today, and I am beyond excited to hopefully help someone else in the future.

I will share the journey of becoming a nurse with an ostomy here, so stay tuned!
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