New year new me?

New year new me?

I have steadily put weight on since stoma surgery.  I expect it is because I feel well and can eat more without pain and running to the toilet. My only problem is my will power; it is awful, and I have a very sweet tooth. But I have now found a gym buddy to go with and we can help each other to stick to the plan.

I will have some limitations due to many surgeries (especially bottom surgeries) but after some reading there seems to be alternatives to many exercises to suit the individual. I can’t sit on an ordinary bike saddle for example, but after visiting the gym they have the ones like an ordinary seat with the peddles in front of you which I prefer.

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I am excited to start as I am not too happy with the way I look at the moment, which hasn’t anything to do with the stoma or scars, more the lumps and bumps of being a bit overweight. It is very strange for me to be thinking of diets and exercise because I have always been quite thin and never needed to diet, so to suddenly (and it seemed fairly sudden) put two stone on and see my body change in a way I didn’t want to was a shock.

Hernias can be an issue so I must be careful and take it steady, but there are plenty of buff ostomates out there, so I know it can be done. I also read Saleem’s blog post here on A Bigger Life about returning to the gym, which I have found very informative.

Body image is a big topic for ostomates because of the body changes surgery brings, so to be at your absolute best has to help with image issues.  Changing what you can change must make you feel more positive and that is why I have decided to stick to this.

Please give me your tips on changing your lifestyle choices and how you managed it and what you do at the gym too as this would help me.

Thank you