My stoma nurse

National nurses week – Thank you to my stoma nurse Kate

I have been so blessed to have an amazing stoma nurse and I feel the need to let everyone know why. My journey was a very long one with a ten week hospital stay including four days on the high dependency unit. I managed to get a quick visit from a stoma nurse the night before surgery, and that was when I met Kate.

She was very caring and knew the right things to say to me to calm my nerves ( it is just a shame she wasn’t in the pre theatre bit with me too lol)

Because of my long stay I saw Kate a lot, and we got on really well. She made me more confident with my stoma and never pressured me to fully change my bag on my own until I was ready.

What stands out about Kate is that she went above and beyond for me because it came to a point in my stay that I needed an NG feeding tube because I was so unwell. I was very scared about having one put in because of all the horror stories, and Kate said she would be with me when the doctor put it in to support me. The doctor was also one that I had banter with over the weeks and she said she would do the deed.

With Kate’s support I managed to have that tube put in relatively hassle free.

Because I had complications I needed to keep in contact with my stoma team at home, and so every now and again I need Kate’s advice, it would be difficult to be discharged from them at this present time due to my stomal fistula, which is another reason I like to see Kate, as she knows about my needs and can offer advice ,when needed.

Although most stoma teams have some affiliation to certain companies, Kate will only advise and offer products that will work for you, rather than push other products that might not really be right.

I am having stoma refashion surgery soon and I know I have the support from Kate and the team which makes my upcoming surgery less scary.