My ostomy travel kit

My ostomy travel kit

Having a small travel kit of stoma supplies can be very handy to cover all eventualities we will all encounter when out and about, such as leaks, changes or adjustments.

I often travel and will always have a travel kit with me – I have one in my desk at work, one on the motorbike, and a third if travelling – all three kits are identical in content.

What do I keep in mine?  I don’t stock heavily, preferring to keep items to the bare minimum as this makes for a lighter kit and avoids waste.

So, using the photo supplied, here are some of my items. – they all fit into a standard wash bag.

1. Non-woven wipes – To be fair, I do cram as many of these as I can into the kit because you just don’t know how many you will use at change time. Sometimes you can get away with one or two, other times, a good half dozen. Better to be safe than sorry! I always use non-woven because they are softer, and do not snag.

2. Disposable bags – I always have black scented disposable bags when travelling to help hide the contents and possibly you will need to leave the item behind in a bin somewhere, so cosmetically and nasally, this helps!

3. Adhesive remover wipes – Strictly speaking these aren’t absolutely necessary as soap, warm water and patience will do the same job, but for ease of use and for speed, I have these with me.

4. A can of adhesive remover spray – Exactly the same as the wipes, I use the spray to remove the pouch, and then use a wipe to remove any residue remaining on the skin.

5. Deodoriser - Let’s be honest …. We all smell at times! It’s not so bad when you are at home, but I tend to worry when not at home. This particular brand is expensive, but one single spray inside the bag at change time seems to prevent any nasty smells for me all day. That makes it worth every penny!

6. Collar – I use these all the time to keep all excrement off my skin as much as I can. Prior to using these, I used to suffer from pain and itching around the stoma, but now I have them, I have no ill effects at all.

7. Stoma bag – I always have five of these to allow for any problems with some not sticking to the skin – I might sometimes use a two piece appliance, but I will only take a one piece in the travel kit to take up less space.

8. Stoma cover – These are purely cosmetic, but I have noticed that when the inevitable leak occurs, these covers do a good job of protecting clothing from becoming stained. They also feel good against the skin, and as an added bonus, they do help minimise the rustling noises that a stoma bag can make.

9. Peg – I find these handy for “holding up” items of clothing, it saves clothing touching the stoma whilst attempting to clean it, and also keeps it all out of the way.

Not showing …. A RADAR key – I’ve always found a “normal sized” public convenience minimal in room, so if I ever need to do anything other than to empty out – I use a toilet which utilises a RADAR key. In the UK these keys are available for purchase on places like Ebay or disability shops, and range in price from around £2 to £5 – it’s possible your stoma supply company may supply these for free.

Also not showing are some “thickeners” – little packets of gel that you place in your bag which then absorb moisture, and so convert liquid into an almost solid state, these are so handy, the thicker the contents, the less likely a leak.

The only advice I can offer to anyone with a travel kit is to recycle the products often. Every month, I replace the collars and pouches in the kits with fresh ones – the ones removed are then used at home. I do this because I have noticed that the collars sometimes “stick” to each other, and the pouches get knocked about a bit, so rather than risk a leak, I just swap them over.

What do you have in yours? Use the form below and let everyone know what you use…..

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