The Fabulous Five Stoma Care Nurses

My stoma nurse team inspired me to do nursing

As it is national nurses week, recognition should go out to every nurse and auxiliary nurse who have worked so hard through the covid pandemic.

But I especially want to say a huge thank you to The Fabulous Five Stoma Care Nurses that have helped me from the beginning in the hospital until today, receiving post-surgery care at home. The girls do not realise how much they impact us daily and do not get enough credit.

They have inspired me to do my nursing and if I can give back half of what they have done for me, it would mean everything, and I would be so proud.

My stoma has been giving me bother this past while and the girls have always been there even though I do not like bothering them. There was a time I did not need to see them for a whole year, but they always checked up on me to see how everything was going.

The SCNs have a Christmas event bringing new and old ostomates together to celebrate Christmas, it’s a time for people who feel anxious about meeting others. The event allows people to talk to those who are in the same position as themselves. The girls really do go out of their way for everyone and it’s a brilliant afternoon.

The girls have always said ‘Aneica your beautiful in the inside and out’, times when you feel low and are fed up, they pick you up and they remind you how far you have come and how much you have achieved since having a stoma.

I also realise that I am so fortunate to have the girls and not many people have such services but the good thing about the ostomate community is there are different ways to contact nurses like in a bigger life the clinical advisers are there to offer advice.

So for national nurses week I think The Fabulous Five need a huge shout out for all the care they have given me and support to my family.

‘Not all super heroes wear capes’