My stoma bag changing routine

My stoma bag changing routine

When I get up in the morning I am like every single person wakening up. Pressing the snooze button on the alarm for five minutes… and another five minutes. Like any other person, you eventually get out of bed to go to work. I get washed and then get cooper sorted, I usually change my bag after a bath or shower as I feel the bag isn’t as effective as a new one would be. As a carer I have to get people up and dressed and the last thing I want is something happening to me that I couldn’t be 100% in my job.

I have a weird routine when it comes to changing Cooper, I have my supplies all sitting ready for when I come out of the shower. I make it as relaxed as possible to be honest I don’t have to think twice about changing my stoma it’s second nature now. I can’t remember when I didn’t have to do this extra duty in my routine.

So I have a drawer in the bathroom where I keep my disposable bags, a pair of scissors; my adhesive removal spray, skin barrier wipes, seals and dry wipes. I keep my actual bags in a drawer in my bedroom as I have very inquisitive nieces and nephews running around after me.

It has to be a certain way, they have to all be sitting ready to be used, it’s a bit worrying I do it like that now when I think about it lol but it just a part of my routine now. So I take off my bag and use a rule ‘3 wet 1 dry’ to clean Cooper. This is 3 wet wipes to clean my stoma and 1 dry one to dry my skin so that my bag sticks properly and that I have no leaks.

Prevention of leaks is key for me as I change my bag every other day to protect my skin, you’re probably reading thinking ‘how long does it take to do this, that’s a lot of things to do before work or I do mine a bit differently’. Honestly it takes me 5 minutes, at first when I did it, it took me about 20mins.

I then use the barrier wipe leave 10 seconds and then put on the seal and then put on my bag, it actually feels so good putting a clean one on, you feel so fresh and ready for the day ahead.

My routine is so exact it’s a bit scary, but everyone’s routine is different. I would love to hear how different peoples routines are, what does your routine involve? There is no right or wrong way of changing your stoma bag, though there are tips on how to make it easier. The picture shows how precise my stoma supplies sit in my bathroom