My first year as an ostomate

My first year as an ostomate

I recently celebrated my first “stomaversary”, my permanent colostomy Stevie the Stoma had a first birthday on Feb 20th 2020.

I had a temporary stoma as a kid, but I do not really remember much about that, so I like to think that this is the first year that really counts.

I was about to make a blog post about the things that stress me out, and how it is sometimes hard to deal with not being able to “log off” from the ostomy life. This is for ever now. But then again: Would I really have it any other way? …no, never. I got my bag for a reason.

My future career is quite clinical and academic (nurse), but the artistic side of me likes to see great beauty in the great pain. The hours I have spent anxious and crying are now paying off. There is a bigger cause: my need to break the stigma.

The biggest lessons from my first year as an ostomate are that having a community is so important and that the human body is surprisingly good at adapting to changes, or at least mine is.

I spent my stomaversary with my mother. We had chicken soup, because that was my go-to food after surgery. I also got pink flowers that kind of resemble stomas, and my mom had also made me ostomy bag covers! How sweet?

As a side note, I would like to add one more lesson to my list: as an ostomate I always have a good reason to talk about bowel movements. And tell poop jokes. All of the poop jokes.

Thank you for reading once again,