My experience with alcohol and a stoma

My experience with alcohol and a stoma

I was always a little concerned about having a wine or two after stoma surgery, so I took it slowly. I realised that it helps to drink plenty of water in between glasses otherwise you can dehydrate much quicker than those without a stoma. Alcohol is known to dehydrate so drinking for the best of us is a challenge.

I also find my output is much more liquid and I have to empty a few more times. I can definitely enjoy a few drinks out if I am careful, and I also find it helps to drink water before bed. (This also helps with the likelihood of a hangover.)

I am not a larger fan or anything gassy because I can bet that your bag will balloon up during the night, so I personally stick to wine / cocktails.

I am not suggesting that everyone can cope but if you take it steady then a couple of drinks won’t do much harm. If you are concerned, then a quick call to your stoma nurse will help.

I know this question often appears on forums and because drinking can be a bit taboo you don’t often get the answer.

I will admit there have been a few times like birthdays out with the girls or holidays, that I have gone a little overboard on the cocktails, but again, as long as I have drunk water too, and eaten beforehand, I have survived the night same as before a stoma.

This is my experience and I totally get that everyone is different, and their stomas don’t always act perfectly, but with some planning and care, you can enjoy the odd glass or night out, just remember that it will come out quicker the other end.


Cheers !