Dealing with a partial stoma blockage

My experience with a partial stoma blockage

I woke up in the early hours with intermittent crampy pain. It wasn’t pleasant but not excruciating at first but I couldn’t get back to sleep. It was like a contraction pain that came in waves. I felt very sick but luckily wasn’t actually sick. My bag was empty which was unusual for me and I knew I had a blockage.

I got through the night and when I got up I had a very sore pain behind the stoma and it was hard. I gently massaged the area and my stoma produced some output but it was painful, so I decided to sit up on my bed with protection for the duvet and plenty of tissues and remove the bag. I was slightly concerned that my stoma looked swollen and was glad I had taken the bag off in case it was too tight.

I carried on massaging the area and more output came out ( including bits of peanut that I had eaten the day before) at least I knew the culprit.

I cut my bag much bigger to accommodate the swollen stoma, I was still in pain behind the stoma with intermittent output but knew it would probably be ok to stay home.

I drank plenty of hot tea ( I didn’t have anything fizzy in the house) and tried to walk about a bit, which definitely helped as I began to produce painful noisy gas, which eased the pain as it came out. I started to eat a bit but made sure the food was easily digestible like yoghurt, and it didn’t seem to cause any issues.

The next day I still kept from going into work as it felt very bruised especially when I stood up and I felt I needed to hold it whilst I walked around. I knew I was over the worst and would probably feel well enough for work the next day. I took it easy and watched my diet, keeping an eye on the stoma and output.

I was glad things didn’t get more serious needing hospital attention but didn’t put myself at risk, I think it is important to know when it is time to ask for help, I was lucky this time that I managed the symptoms at home, but if the output hadn’t made an appearance and I still felt very unwell, I wouldn’t hesitate to get professional care as a blockage can become serious needing more intensive treatment in hospital.