My experience wearing stoma support wear

My experience wearing stoma support wear

From the beginning of my ostomy journey I was advised by my nurses on support wear i.e. briefs, vests and belts. As an active person in day to day life, whether that be from walking, running, playing Camogie or on the hospital wards (as a student nurse now…not a patient), support wear is something I always consider especially after having my 3 bowel surgeries.

I am quite cautious (not on the camogie field Wink) and am scared of getting a hernia so I tend to wear some kind of support every day. I have tried various brands of support wear until I 

found the one that suits me the best, I love certain garments from one company and a few from another so I tend to mix and match.

So, when playing my camogie, I wear a shield over the actual stoma and then I feel like a wrestler wrapping my support belt around my waist, it’s a work out in itself!! I have my stoma 5 years this September and I have had no problems when playing my sport. This particular support belt is firm to hold everything in place but I would not be able to wear it all day because of that reason, it is too firm. However, there are a range of different belts, although speak to your stoma nurse about which would be ideal for you. What works for me may not work for you!!

I also use a support vest, which is much more discreet, soft and minimal effort to wear, I wear this when working on the hospital ward. It looks like a normal vest but when you put it on you know it’s a support garment, it keeps everything in place and I find that it smooths everything out and ballooning becomes unnoticeable. The vest could be used for a wide range of things e.g. running, gardening.

As the latest trend is all about getting fit and being involved in exercise support garments for those living with a stoma are so important… well that’s my opinion everyone has their own views.

My experience wearing stoma support wearMy Advice on support wear is:

Speak to your stoma nurses about what support is right for you and to get an accurate size, those living in the UK can receive a certain number of garments a year on prescription. Some people might not be aware of this so a little tip. Everyone is different, it is all trial and error the same way that people change types of stoma pouches if it doesn’t work for you.

Aneica xx