My experience of mucocutaneous separation

My experience of mucocutaneous separation

Some of you may have seen my Fixers project on UTV on the 7th of September. It was recorded approx. 8 weeks ago where I looked healthy and had everything going for me after my previous two operations. I like to be complicated lol!!! 5 weeks ago I was admitted to hospital long story short I am now 3 weeks post operation with a new stoma Cooper (RIP BOB ?).

This surgery has been the toughest yet, simply because I had forgotten how long recovery is and how much you depend on family to do the simple things. In 2014 I briefly remember things after my first surgery. This time post op I was having problems with Mucutaneous Separation, the name is just as scary as what it really is.

When I got home a few days later I changed cooper to see how he was looking, only to find an opening at the side of my stoma and underneath him. But me being me I thought ‘aww it will be grand’. Then I changed him the next day and noticed that the stitches were gone and my skin was separating more from my stoma and there was mucus in the openings.

My thoughts where ‘ I do not feel well, started to get all flustered and anxious because it was getting worse ‘ but I rang my amazing Stoma nurses and they came to see and told me it was Mucocutaneous separation and gave me things to try, it really has come on well and hopefully in a few days it will be looking perfect ( As well as it can be).

Having a set back like that does affect you mentally, when things don’t go so smoothly it does. Seeing the stoma site opening rather than healing well got me a bit down I’m not going to lie. But I’m through that hurdle and anyone experiencing the same you will get through it too, I think it’s just in us. Its definitely in me now at this stage 3 operations in 3 years and I’m only 22.


  • Hi everyone my name is Tracey and I have my stoma going on 17 years now my stoma is retracted which means I have big problems with leaking I have tryed different stoma bags,creams,powders,stoma paste,rings and seals nothing so far if anyone can suggest anything I would be greatfull.

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    Anecia, I hope you and Cooper have a lifelong commitment now Kissing heart wishing you an uneventful recovery  ..... keep smiling, you have the right attitude to get top dog at the end of this twisty, turning road you have been on x.