My emotions have an impact on my stoma

My emotions have an impact on my stoma

Living life with a stoma is a little different to the “normal life”, but what is normal? Is it just following the crowd and afraid of breaking the mould!! I have broken the mould and wore the t-shirt. Having a stoma is a small part of a bigger life, we are human with emotions and feelings like everyone else.

My emotions have an impact on my stoma, when I get nervous whether it be before a game, or when studying BOB seems to never stop. With a high output before a game or exams can make you lose your concentration and cause anxiety, with the thoughts of ‘is this going to leak, what if I have to stop playing the game, how am I going to hide this? I am going to be affronted! Thankfully within stoma care there is always a solution for everything and if there isn’t yet, there will soon be one.

A high liquid output is when your stoma is working overtime, like any other person with nerves. It gets you down a bit because of it but you always have to keep positive. My solution to this problem is a solidifying agent, I place one sachet in my wee bag before my exams or before matches, this acts as a thickening agent (sounds euhh, but we have seen worse haha). Instantly I have a sense of relief and can focus on the importance of the event that is happening and just carry on as the way I would usually do and forget I have one all the time.


Having a high liquid output can cause ostomates to dehydrate quickly, so the solidifying agent fixes that problem of high output and the person should drink like a sports drink such as Lucozade sport if it agrees with you or have a dioralyte just to bring your salt levels up again.

Having a stoma is a big change and your worry levels will be crazy at the start but with time it gradually goes down. I have BOB two years and there are days I do not know everything but with help and hearing people’s stories or tips really helps.