My best advice for new ostomates

My best advice for new ostomates

The first bit of advice that I would give to an new ostomate would be to that you have to weather the storm at the beginning. For me I found the beginning the toughest, I didn’t even look at my stoma until a week after the surgery. You have so much new information to take in at the start it is very overwhelming. Learning how to manage and change the bag is difficult but I found after a lot of trail, error and perseverance I got there in the end, so don’t worry about it you will get there to.

Another bit of advice I would give an new ostomate would be to keep in regular contact with your stoma nurses. I know from personal experience that having your stoma nurse on call can be a real blessing as you never know when you might need them. I would like to take this chance to thank my stoma nurses for all there help, Kelly-Anne and Joan from the Mater Hospital and Susan and Louise from eakin.

The last bit of advice I would give a new ostomate would be to take advantage of the world that we live in today. There’s no doubt that we live in a golden age of social media. It is everywhere, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just to name a few. There are thousands of people out there on those social media platforms who have been through all of the same stuff that you are going through now. They are more than willing to help you and give you advice with what ever you need, so don’t be afraid to ask questions to the people who have been through what you are now. I have contacted so many wonderful people and they have helped me through some tough times, don’t be afraid to send someone a message. If you ever want to ask me anything or see what my life is like with a stoma you can follow me on instagram @andy.96.

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