In Good Company

In Good Company

I read a while ago that it is estimated that 1 in 500 people here in the UK currently have a stoma (although that figure includes reversible stomas).

I got to wondering how many UK celebrities have a stoma, so I set aside an evening and set to work with Google. Several hours later, I had still only found one confirmed UK celebrity.  I saw Irish singer, Brian Kennedy, recently shared an Instagram picture of him checking his stoma pouches before going on stage for a show.


Pic: Brian Kennedy/Instagram

It seems that Americans are more forthright with the information than us stuffy Brits, and that pretty much all the information I gathered was based around American celebrities.

I did find plenty of information about UK celebrities associated with stoma care (Carrie Grant for example), but this does not physically name people with a stoma ….

So, as a way of having some interaction with readers of this blog, can you add to the list?  Comment below the blog to share the ones you find.

Brian Kennedy - Singer

 Al Geiberger – Golfer

Napoleon Bonaparte – Conqueror

Dwight D Eisenhower – USA President

Marvin Bush – Son of George H W Bush

Fred Astaire - Actor

George Alagiah – BBC News presenter

Rod Skelton – American comedian

Rolf Benirschke – American footballer

Jerry Kramer – American footballer

Tip O’Neill – American politician

Ann Sothern – American actress

Bob Hope – American actor

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