Ileostomy doesn’t stop me playing contact sports

Ileostomy doesn’t stop me playing contact sports

It’s the time of the year again…. CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Even though I have an ileostomy I continue to play my contact sports such as Camogie and Ladies Gaelic. People would say ‘are you wise’, but I just simply reply ‘why wouldn’t I?’ I am still only 6 months post op and I am back training with my two teams again, I might not be able to finish a training session but I have to acknowledge how far I have come. So camogie is a sport where you play with a Hurl and a Sliotar and either score a goal or a point. I’m not expecting to be on the starting on the 1st 15, just being togged out is good enough for me. Ladies Gaelic has the same objective, score either goals or points but you use your feet to kick the football and you can hold the ball.

I have been playing these sports from I was no height, once I heard of the term ‘bag’ I thought I will never be able to play again, but how wrong was I!! I am in a group on Facebook called the Ostomy Lifestyle Athletes. The things that these people do are so inspiring. Yet as far as I know there are not many people like myself or ‘BOB’ that play the exact contact sport as me. It would be good to know if they were any more Camogs or ladies Gaelic players that are as crazy as I am when it comes to my sports.

I have to organise myself when playing matches or training, I like to eat 2 hours pre training or match just so that my bag doesn’t fill up during the match/training. But if it does, I just go to the toilet sort it out and then come straight back. I always keep hydrated and for ostomates this can be difficult, I use dioralyte to keep the salts up or drink a Lucozade sport if I am in a rush.

Most important to my training is making sure that there is no chance of ‘BOB’ getting hurt, so I wear like a hard hat over my stoma, then a support belt and then level 2 or 3 garments over the top again. I must do all this to protect my stoma as the last thing I want is to be having a wee sail in the road to hospital. The sports that I play are seriously not for the faint hearted, you are guaranteed to leave with a bruise or a cut or some description.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now that I am getting back on my feet there will be no slowing me down. In fact I have signed up for a skydive to raise much needed awareness and funds for A charity I am heavily involved in and also to the Nurses that have helped me through the good and bad times I have had recently, The Stoma Services Altnagelvin Derry Northern Ireland.
If you guys would like to donate to my Sky Dive the link is

Remember that you can do anything you want, we all get bad days but it’s how we deal and learn from them is what counts.