How I order my ostomy supplies

How I order my ostomy supplies

Having a stoma means having to order repeat prescriptions regularly, I am grateful to receive my stoma supplies free from the NHS. I understand that this isn’t the case for all ostomates but I will not go into, too much detail on that… it is how I get them is what I want to blog about. I used to work in a pharmacy for a period of time where I was able to get my supplies in there which was such a good positive experience couldn’t have faulted the service.

However now that I am a Domiciliary Carer I order my prescriptions collect them, then post them to a delivery company where within a few days, I have my stoma supplies delivered to my home. This service is very good and discrete because I can understand how people are embarrassed to lift prescriptions.

Having my stoma supplies delivered home, they send complimentary items such as scissors and a carrier bag on your first order which is nice because those extra things come in handy. It also reduces the pressure of me making it to the pharmacy before it closes as I finish work late. The picture is of my supplies that I got sent today.

Everyone has their own views on how they get their supplies and doing it in a way that work best for you. I have had positive experiences with both ways of getting my ostomy supplies. When you meet your stoma nurse they usually discuss it with you to see which is best suited for you.


With having great health care in Northern Ireland, I am able to have not one but two stoma nurses both in the hospital and out in the community. Like my experience recently a few months back I had a severe pain around my stoma area, I was able to contact my stoma nurse in the community who was able to get in contact with one of the stoma nurses in hospital who got me the help I needed.

I usually see my stoma nurse every 4 months just because of my history and without them four ladies my life with a stoma would be completely different. I understand that ostomates in different countries do not have the same health care and access to stoma nurses that I and others do. But its things like A BIGGER LIFE and other social media forums that will try and aid in ways possible to fix problems that you are having!! You are not alone