How A Bigger Life Community can help you

How A Bigger Life Community can help you

There are an abundance of websites and forums out there for us ostomates to utilise, but the one that stands out to me is this one - " A bigger life."

(That is why I chose to blog for them and be part of the community)

This website is very easy to navigate as it has just had a brilliant facelift, integrating a community section that you can also register and log in to, you will be very welcome here and it is a secure way to ask questions and maybe help others with answers. The bloggers (including myself) will be able to help too, about how we have coped with difficult situations, and there are clinical advisers available for the more medical questions.

Each section has bloggers experiences in case the answers to your questions are there first, then you can ask any question about that topic (or indeed a new topic) where someone can help you find the answer. Tips on travelling, preparing for surgery, bathing and having showers, and plenty more topics to peruse at your leisure.

Please have a look around, you won't be disappointed, it's everything stoma, all in one place. If you prefer to watch videos of other's experiences, they are there too, along with clinical adviser videos on various subjects.

I always find that talking about what is on your mind is so much better than keeping it bottled up, and doctors don’t always know everything about living with a stoma so sometimes you need to ask those who live that life. The resident bloggers here have different experiences and could help towards the answers you need.

It is powered by eakin who make the cohesive seal so they have a lot of stoma and product knowledge, but the community is all about you.  It doesn't matter where in the world you live, whether you are a new ostomate or an old hand at the game, we can all share our knowledge with each other. It would be great to grow “A bigger life" community in a safe place so please come and say hello. (My profile is Clarebear)