Hen Party: The Do’s and Don’ts

Hen Party: The Do’s and Don’ts

Since I haven’t blogged in awhile, I thought I would tell you all about my recent hen party in Benidorm.

On the 28th April, myself and 17 of my close friends and family set off for a crazy weekend in Benidorm, and what a great time it was!!

I was instructed to wear white on the day of travelling which is usually a “no go” for any ostomate due to potential leaks. However since I was the bride to be, nothing was stopping me wearing white. For extra security I used the half moon shapes to stick around my stoma to prevent leaks. I also ensured I had a bag change with me on hand luggage and more regular toilet trips ensured my ileostomy did not spoil my fun!!

Airport security was stress free compared to the body scanners in America. I got through without a problem. Drinks were flowing and everyone was having great craic.

Whist in Benidorm the weather wasn’t great so I wasn’t bothered to much with extra bag changes due to heat. The one good day we did get, I enjoyed lying beside the pool with my bikini on. (I got some lovely high waisted bikinis in New Look) The good thing is they are actually in fashion at the moment so as lots of other girls were wearing them, I didn’t look out of place.

As always, due to slightly more alcohol intake than usual, I drank lots of water during the day and in between alcoholic drinks. The only thing that I couldn’t do was drink the endless free cocktails that bartenders seem to offer every time you enter their bar. Too much fruit juice upsets my stoma even up to a few days after.

Apart from this I enjoyed my hen party just as much if not more than any other bride to be. With a few very minor adjustments, it can be a success!! One last thing to remember, I never go away without fully comprehensive travel insurance cover as you just don’t know when your stoma decides to get sick like any other part of your body!!

Anyways with only four months to go, I am getting excited for our wedding. I am certain it will be the best day of our lives. I will always be grateful for every new experience in my life that I otherwise would not have seen if surgery did not save my life.

I just haven’t mastered how I am going to empty stammy stoma with a wedding dress on haha. I suppose that’s what bridesmaids are for (holding the dress not emptying stammy) haha!