Health insurance and cost of ostomy supplies

Health insurance and cost of ostomy supplies

I’ve seen many articles recently about out of pocket expenses with Ostomy supplies. I’ve recently run into a very stressful situation regarding my health insurance and cost of supplies.

My health insurance covers Ostomy supplies but I have a separate deductible from my regular medical deductible and only covers 60% where my normal coverage for medical care is 80%.

I kept receiving expensive bills from my medical equipment company and couldn’t understand why. When I called my health insurance company, that’s when I realized I had a separate deductible and coverage than my other medical care.

Come to find out, the medical company I use for my supplies is not a “preferred provider” with the hospital I work for. In short, my supplies are being covered but have a separate deductible and coverage. They are costing me a FORTUNE and I cannot afford the bills.

My insurance company gave me a list of medical supply companies that are a “preferred provider” with my employer and they either 1) don’t carry Ostomy supplies OR 2) don’t carry the brand I use (and I’m allergic to the other brands). So here I am trying not to panic about how I’m going to afford my Ostomy supplies moving forward.

I’m going to send an appeal to my insurance company to hopefully approve my medical supply company as a “preferred provider”. I’ve also been working with someone from the supply company who is working on his end to assist as he is able. He has been a great advocate for me and hopefully we can find a solution for this issue.

The insurance companies don’t realize that this is life long. I’m only 31 years old and will have to have Ostomy supplies for the rest of my life. It’s not realistic to have these ridiculously high out of pocket expenses. It’s just not manageable and extremely stressful. Please always be an advocate for yourself and fight for what you need.