Getting rid of odour- a review of what has and hasn’t worked for me.

Getting rid of odour- a review of what has and hasn’t worked for me.

Smell … we all create it. Smells are unavoidable, and for Ileostomists, the odour created can be nasty and eye watering.

It’s a natural bodily function, but masking any odour can be tricky

I’ve had my Ileostomy for almost 11 years now and have gone through many different fresheners so thought I would use this month’s blog discussing what is available and what I recommend to use. Please note though that this is my personal recommendation …. You may find other items better suited to your needs.

I have found that sprays which are directed into the stoma bag work best. I do have some “thickening powder” that you place inside … these are supposed to be deodorised, but in my experience, they do nothing.

NaturCare IPD (In Pouch Deodoriser)

This small packet of powder empties into the pouch. Depending on how many times you need to empty during a day, you may find a single sachet lasts all day.

Brava Lubricating Deodorant

This is a thick liquid that is placed inside the bag. As it is a liquid, it helps reduce “pancaking” – it also has a pleasant aroma.

Clinimed Limone Deodorant Spray

This is a citrus fragranced deodoriser spray. The can itself contains measured doses, so one single spray is all you need.

Ostomist In Pouch Odour Neutralising Drops

These are available in different odours -Mint, Gardenia & Jasmine and Tangy Tangerine. Just a couple of drops in the pouch are all that is needed

Ostomist Odour Neutralising Spray

Made by the same manufacturer as the above items, this is a spray which is directed into the pouch. These are not as powerful as the concentrated drops as above, but come in different fragrances – apple, mint, woodland blackberry, cinnamon & sandalwood.

Salts Odour Eliminating Spray

Another spray, but this “destroys” the odour molecules, so smells cannot return. In my experience, this needs “topping up” after emptying

All of the above items are available as samples (use Google) and all are available on prescription. For me though, I have found the best item is a small can of “V.I.POO” It is certainly not cheap, but a single spray into the bag lasts all day.

Do you use anything different? – why not use the firm below and add yours to the list …. The more we have showing, the greater the choice for everyone!