Emptying your bag on the go

Emptying your bag on the go

There is something to be said about having the advantage about being able to go anywhere; at anytime. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating walking into your local Safeway and emptying your pouch on the floor; that’s not what this is about.

However, I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t something that took me quite a little bit to tweak and figure out. How EXACTLY did I empty my pouch in situations where I had no restroom access? How do you get particularly… sticky or thick/viscous fluids in your pouch, out of said pouch? What do you do if your bag starts filling up super quickly with air/liquid?

These are all questions I ended up having to answer myself, but luckily I can pass on those tips to you ?.

Carrying supplies in your pocket: This is actually harder to figure out than you would think. A backpack or your car isn’t always accessible in every situation; what if you’ve left your car to carpool with someone else or… you’re at a house party and you’ve drank a little too much and can’t leave? A small bottle of water that fits in your pocket along with a few paper towels folded into your pocket/napkins/toilet paper etc. goes a LONG way in ensuring that you’ll never be unprepared if you need to make a quick empty on the fly.

Getting particularly thick output out of your pouch: That bottle of water? Make sure it’s big enough for 2 uses (use half on the first empty and then half on the 2nd); I’ve noticed this is an effective way of getting super thick output out of my pouch). If you turn the pouch upwards and give the water in it a few good shakes (like swirling it around so it rinses off the output from the sides); it works very well. Thick output can be incredibly annoying and this is one solid tactic that almost always works for me.

What to do if your pouch starts filling up quickly (Randomly)?: Don’t Freak Out! That’s really important to mention because losing your cool will possibly create mistakes.. those are the times when I’ve had a little.. splash damage on my clothes. Keep cool and since these will typically be situations where it will be straight liquid output; either find a restroom or a nice quiet area away from people and empty as many times as needed.

This is a little more tough if you’re in the car, gas is much easier to deal with because you can wait till you’re at a stoplight or pull over and do a quick gas release (by pushing upwards on your pouch while holding it upwards so as not to release any output at the same time). Sometimes if you have a mix of gas and output that’s filling rather fast, doing a gas release can buy you the time you need to get to a restroom or find somewhere quiet to pull over.

I do hope these tips are helpful ?, remember keeping your cool and not panicking is PARAMOUNT to making sure you don’t accidently make a messy mistake. Learned that one the hard way ?.

  • I have three bags! A travel backpack with everything I need (Bags, sprays, pads, medicine, RADAR key, the works. It lives in the car. I also have a smaller bag that has a sort of over the shoulder sling, with some basics, great for dog walks and short outings. I also have a small bag, it can fit in most coat pockets with just the basics - a stoma bag, resealable poo bag and an adhesive remover spray.

    I also am finding a bit of routine with my stoma - (his name is Buddy!) Buddy is very quiet in the mornings until about 12 - 13h00. But in the afternoons / evenings, things get busy and unpredictable, and bags can fill fast! So depending on the time of day, dictates what I take with me when out and about.