Guide for dressing with an ostomy

Dressing with an ostomy – summer guide for women

Summer, the most expected season for many, has finally arrived. As you may know, I come from a tropical country where most of the year is hot. So, I don’t know about you, but all I can think about is summer and spending my afternoons in gardens, wearing colorful dresses, and days at the beach. I know that some people with an ostomy don't like hot weather because of the implications the ostomy bag can bring, especially when the base plate doesn't stick as it should due to the heat and humidity. 


I know from my own experience that at times it's not that easy finding a perfect summer outfit for an ostomate , especially if one has got a parastomal hernia like me. One of the most common concerns about having an ostomy bag is the concern that other people may see it.  Since I've got my ostomy I have had to change my wardrobe and adapt to new outfits. However, if you don't have any problems with hernia or prolapsed stoma, it can be easier.  


I have selected a few outfits and some tips that may help you.  


  • First of all, never ever forget it : we are more than our ostomy and our ostomy doesn't define us.  


  • Being confident with your body and soul, it is more than a half way through. 


  • Play with colour items of clothing and accessories, they  will help you disguise the bag. 


  • High waist jeans/trousers, I love them, wearing them makes me feel as if I never had an ostomy.  I always try to wear high waist skirts, dresses and trousers, I feel completely comfortable and empowered. 


  • Maxi dresses, they are comfortable and no one can tell you whether you have or not, trust me. Maxi dresses have become very popular and stylish. 


  • If I want to take the attention from my abdomen, I try to wear a necklace or scarf, the attention will be focused in that area. Accessories will always give a flare of style to any outfit. As British weather is unpredictable and unreliable, whenever I go, I bring a jacket. Jackets are perfect for casual look, and a must have in any wardrobe is the classic denim style. 


  • Stripped t-shirts, they are perfect for me. I love them. 
  • Always try something new, in case you are not convinced, ask for an opinion from a friend or a member of the family, but most important if you are fine and feel confident, wear what you want to wear.  

 And you, what do you usually wear with your ostomy? I would love to hear your comments and tips. 

 Big hugs, 

 Luciana x