Disneyland Paris with my stoma

Disneyland Paris with my stoma

I never have been on a holiday before…until lately. My family and I went to Disneyland Paris. Yes!! I am a big kid at heart and somehow think I always will be. You had seen my pre-holiday packing for ‘BOB’. Being that organised meant that I had no bother whatsoever on my travels. At security checks I showed my travel certificate with my case with all my stoma and medication in it and just walked on through with no problem, if you haven’t got a travel security certificate you can get your hands on one from your stoma Nurse or stoma manufacture companies.

Once I got to Disneyland I had a ball, I went on rollercoasters that did loops and some scary enough ones. I always like trying new things and I tried all different kinds of foods over there. Yes it was a risk as I didn’t know if it would agree with me but I was making sure that I had the best experience ever, and that I did. I would go back tomorrow if I could!!

I brought bikini’s with me and wasn’t entirely sure about wearing any of them, I was hesitating and then I just said ‘go for it’, there was a pool indoor and outdoor and since the sun was shining I decided to go outside with my family, it was actually the first time for a few of my family to actually see my bag, but they just acted normal and it was great.

Yes people were looking at me but I was just so proud of myself that I did it, because my stoma is still new to me and I still have things to learn. I just walked out and by the time I was getting out of the pool I forgot I had one. I would put my hands up and if I see something different I would look, we all would.

So after a positive experience flight and holiday wise I will definitely be on more holidays, now that I am able to with no real health issues anymore.

‘You shouldn’t be controlled by your stoma on how you live your life, live it to the full with no regrets’. That’s what I am trying to do, and going on the holiday was just the start of it.