Dealing with ostomy pouch odours

Dealing with ostomy pouch odours

If you already have a stoma, you’ll know that sometimes odour can be a problem when emptying your pouch. I used to worry a bit about going to other people’s houses for dinner as I knew that as soon as I’d eaten my bag would start to fill and I would inevitably need to empty it. Sometimes there’s virtually no smell and other times the stench could kill a horse!

So what can you do? Well firstly, take note if what you’re eating is causing it, I find that some foods can make my output very pungent and others seem to have little effect. But all our bodies respond differently so what gives me my ‘horse killing’ aroma may be different for you. One of the things I particularly notice is that although I can eat tuna without a problem, cod smells what I imagine a decomposing body to smell like, I kid you not! So we can observe what we eat and see how it affects us and perhaps try to avoid those foods when eating out at other people’s houses, unless of course you’re hoping they won’t invite you again, in which case you have a secret weapon.

This however, is not a solution. Over the years I have tried various drops and sprays that you put into your pouch and several that you spray into the room but to be honest for the most part they haven’t really worked. Then one day on a stoma site I read that people were trying another product with great success. I got samples (which you can get online) and I didn’t have high hopes. BUT this stuff was amazing. It’s called Na’scent and comes in a bottle you can squeeze. You put a few little squirts into your pouch and hey presto! I couldn’t believe it, no more odour to worry about. Except the fish, so my days of fish finger sandwiches are sadly behind me.

If you get a sample bottle of Na’scent and intend to order the full size bottles I recommend keeping the sample bottle as you can refill the small bottle and keep it in your handbag so you have it with you wherever you go. I have heard of the occasional person not finding Na’scent helpful but the majority say it works for them. If you put too much in your bag your output will smell a little like bleach but it won’t do any harm, I absolutely recommend this product 100%. Speak to your delivery company and ask if they could get you a sample of this. If anyone is trying it out I’d love to hear how you got on….

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