Controlling your emotions after ostomy surgery

Controlling your emotions after ostomy surgery

Controlling your emotions after any kind of traumatic ordeal isn’t easy; and having a surgery that completely changes your basic human bathroom functions is going to be pretty well up there as far as making your emotions go a little haywire for a bit.

Little Tip: IT’S OK!! Trust me; I know what it feels like to go through it, here are a few solid ways of managing that emotional turmoil.

1. Working Out: I know this is an obvious one but there’s certain ways of working out that have worked better for me than others. One thing to Note that’s extremely important and cannot be forgotten; YOUR HEALTH IS A PRIORITY! If something hurts, STOP! Don’t risk your health and possible permanent damage just because you want to push yourself in the gym; pay attention to your body and listen to your doctors recommendations about when to go back to the gym!

But Things that have worked better for me are:

Lots of Cardio; it doesn’t put as much strain on your body as lifting weights will and the endorphin rush you’ll get at the end of a long run + burning out all that emotion will feel amazing!

Punching a Bag; training in a Dojo may be a bit hard because you have to be careful when it comes to sparring and things like that but hitting a bag is more than comparable. Not only will hitting the bag tire you out but it’ll make you feel great to be able to just beat on something; personally I pretend it’s my old Disease ?.

Lots of Push-Ups and Pull-Ups; again wait on this for awhile after surgery (it’s not lifting but it’s comparable, your body weight can still cause the same damage if you try to do these to soon after surgery); I definitely feel like it’s less risky than lifting actual weights though because you can control your body weight a lot easier and stop if need be.

2. Keeping a Journal (Or better yet an online blog); This is actually how I started blogging in the first place, a lot of my first few articles came our of diary/journal entries that I had created during those first few months after surgery. It will help to get all that emotion out on paper and it has the added benefit of not only helping your brethren around the world with ostomies/UC/crohns; but you can make new friends that are going through the same thing you are which brings me to my next point.

3. Don’t keep it all inside! It’s VERY important to talk about how you’re feelings, whether that be counselling or just talking to your Mum/Partner/Best Mate. Even talking to someone who doesn’t understand what you’re going through can help if you just let it all out (it’s fine if you feel you’re ranting, the number of times just letting all that emotion out using my words has helped me innumerable).

On an ending note, don’t worry; the turmoil doesn’t last forever ?. Just keep fighting to deal with it in a healthy way and eventually… Things will start to feel easier I promise. Staying positive is one of the most important factors in dealing with a surgery of this magnitude effectively and not being overtaken by grief or anger.

Please note that these activities are what has worked for Saleem, we advise that you visit your stoma nurse or GP for specific advice to your personal situation.