Clothing with a stoma

Clothing guide for dressing with a stoma

When I first had my stoma I only wore leggings because they were comfortable. I still wear them but am much more confident with clothes now that I know people can’t see my bag. The best leggings I have bought are from Tesco, so you don’t need to spend lots on clothes.

I found some excellent high waist and super high waist jeans, Primark is one place that do good high waist jeans but they only seem to do skinny jeans, so M&S do straight leg jeans. I tend to google high waist and lots of different ones come up. IAmDenim do a purpose made jean for those that like the low rise waist but want the comfort of a high waist by incorporating a stretchy band that goes up over your stoma. These are expensive but the material is soft and stretchy so worth it for low rise jeans.

Swimwear is so much better nowadays too. If you want to cover the bag you can get higher fitting bikini bottoms, and again no one notices. The boy shorts design are good for this reason. Hopefully you may go on to wearing anything you like and not worry about who can see, but I understand it takes time.

Patterns patterns patterns, a great mantra for wearing dresses as the patterns draws away from creases in the stoma bag area. Also dresses that come out slightly from the waist do wonders for hiding your bag. I wear ordinary Bikini style knickers so might wear high waist type knickers when I wear a dress to stop my bag dangling around.

High waist shorts with longer tops, wraps or flowing tops also disguise your bag and all these things help with confidence if you are unsure whether your bag can be seen. It will partly be in your head that people can see but in reality they can’t, when I see other ostomates I never notice so therefore no one probably notices mine.

I say be proud and don’t worry what anyone thinks, if you saw someone on the beach with a stoma I know you wouldn’t be disgusted, you would just be curious and that is normal.