Bowel tests with a stoma

Bowel tests with a stoma

When I was admitted to hospital I had to go through a series of bowel tests. When you have a stoma as a result of having your large bowel and rectum removed, things are slightly trickier. I had to get a MRI of my small bowel as results were showing inflammation… I hate that word inflammation brings so many horrid memories. Back to the point, I went to an area with a table and a lonely chair. I parked my backside on the chair whilst the radiographer started mixing water and a sachet of stuff in a jug, chatting away he said ‘this will make the small bowel scan more effective. I drank about 1200ml of Movi Prep and I instantly knew it was working.

After many trips to the toilet I decided I was going into the MRI machine. The radiographers were lovely and positioned the big pads on my stomach, so it wasn’t hurting me and taking pressure off my stoma. In the tunnel, you had to be as still as possible breathing in and out when they told you to. Thankfully 30mins later it was finished and I got my bag in time before it leaked…pheww.

The next test I had I always wondered how it worked, little did I know I’d be having it so soon and more may be needed. I think some people may want to find out what having a camera test through your stoma is like as they could need one in the future. From my experience it was good in terms of having the test, I opted for the sedation because I get all anxious and tense. I woke up and it was nearly done a few seconds until it was over but what the screen showed I was devastated. Inflammation in my small bowel!!!!! But the pain is nowhere near the pain that camera tests used to be, so that is a positive. No cramping and no urges to the toilet after it. It’s a weird sensation and seeing the camera being pulled out of your stoma it is definitely different but my consultant and the nurses in Altnagelvin Endoscopic unit were amazing!!

My tip would be, if you are admitted to hospital, take spare supplies with you to the test unlike someone I know :’) and empty your pouch before taking it off. That’s the tips I have learnt going through this overall positive experience. Anyone going through the test in the future, it is nothing to worry about it is more the thought rather than anything