A positive outlook makes anything possible

A positive outlook makes anything possible.

I’m lying here tonight and I’m so thankful for our wonderful NHS. Just over seven years ago a surgeon skillfully removed my colitis ravaged bowel and gave me a stoma for life. It’s a quality of life I could only have dreamed of when I was so ill.

Having an ostomy can be the start of your journey - not the end. The only limits are the ones you set yourself. While it’s true that everyone is different, coping and adapting in different ways, anything is possible with a positive attitude.

Immediately after surgery, the biggest goal is accepting your stoma and a whole new way of doing things; changing bags, ordering appropriate ostomy products, deciding whether to tell people or not to tell people - ultimately that decision is yours. I chose to tell the world! Personally, I believed that being open about my circumstances would help others to come to terms with their ostomies and their new lives.

Going back to work is often a big hurdle, but it’s absolutely possible with an ostomy and many employers are increasingly aware of just how big the ostomate community is. My employers, First Cymru, are amazing in their support in any and every way. Over the last seven years the awareness raised has been massive and this has been a real benefit to all of us.

My message to you today is simply, ‘you’re not alone’; we’re all in this together. If you experience a problem of any kind, there’s always an ostomate out there who has been through something similar and who is willing to help and advise.

My experience has been extremely positive so far; I hope it will continue for many years. I am always open to questions, and if I can’t help, I will certainly put you in touch with someone who can. Leave a comment on this article or connect with me on social media to follow me and join me on my positive journey.

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