A poem about stoma surgery

A poem about stoma surgery

My body


I want to tell my story

The best way that I can

From my first big flare

Via a thirty year span.


I was still in my teens

When I became unwell

The sickness blood and mucus

Was a living hell.


In and out of hospital

Tubes needles and drips

Prodded and poked continually

Only allowed a few sips.


My bottom was sore

My bowels were a mess

I lost lots of weight

2 stone at a guess.


Never heard of this disease

Could I carry on like this?

Being so ill all the time

My life I would miss.


Thirty years on

And my final flare

I needed a stoma

I was too ill to care.


It took many a day

To recover and think

Was this my life now?

It had changed in a blink.


But it didn’t take long

To open my eyes

My life HAD changed

I got rid of the ties.


I could go out and enjoy

My new life once more

With Tomas the stoma

Let’s see what’s in store…….