A day at the spa with my stoma

A day at the spa with my stoma

Hey! My name is Jennie, I have an ileostomy due to Crohn’s disease and I am going to write about having spa days with a stoma.

Yes, you heard right! You can totally have a nice relaxing day at the spa with a stoma.

First things first; make sure you’re well prepared.

I like to make sure I am well prepared. I always put on a fresh bag a few hours before going to the spa. I like the clean feeling of a new bag plus I find if I have had a bag on for a few days the adhesive can come off easier. At least this way, I feel there is a less of chance of a leak or the bag coming completely off.

Always take extra supplies.

I take a few extra supplies. I have attached a picture of my going out and about bag. I take this when I go to places in case of emergencies. I include 2 maybe 3 bags, scissors, dry wipes, disposable bags, adhesive remover, stomadhesive powder (my skin can get quite sore) and mint ostomist drops.

Going in and out of swimming pools and saunas can reduce the stickiness of the bag and cause it to come away from your skin. At least if that happens you are prepared with your extras!


A few extra accessories

A few extras I haven’t used but know they may help. Some bag ranges come with filter covers. When you first receive these you’ll be forgiven for not having a clue what they are.  My stoma nurses explained that they pop over the filter when you are bathing or in a swimming pool so the water doesn’t interfere with the filter and make it stop working. The filter is used to get rid of excess air and reduce the smell.

Some people use flange extenders too to make the flange stick down better while they are in the water or heat. They look like this:

What to wear for a spa day

This is totally up to yourself. Wear what you feel comfortable wearing. I wore a tankini the last time I went to a spa, not because I felt embarrassed about getting out my bag but because I felt a tankini would provide more support.

Spa facilities and treatments

I have been to many spas which have their own journeys, which means going from one steam room or sauna to another and a pool in between. If you struggle with dehydration like myself, make sure you don’t stay in the saunas or steam rooms too long and keep hydrated while you are there. I take my own bottle of juice in most of the time but there should be water machines scattered around the place to help you get a much-needed drink.

I have never had a professional massage, although it is on my bucket list, but if you like one I’m sure there’s no issue explaining things to the therapist to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the treatment.

I had a dermaplaining treatment which meant lying on my back but my stoma didn’t have any issues, although I was nervous it was going to make some sounds!!!Joy

So there you have it, Spa days are a great way to practice self care, and this shows you can totally relax and unwind on a spa day with a stoma.