Me and my stoma - 4 years on

Me and my stoma - 4 years on

I can’t believe that it is four years since I got my stoma, I have been through lots of challenging times before and after and to still be here and in reasonably good health feels like a miracle.

Having the awful disease of indeterminate colitis for 30 years makes me realise that stoma surgery can be a very viable option in colorectal diseases and I wish I had been offered the surgery years ago and not left waiting until things got much worse.

I certainly didn’t expect my stomaversary would involve a pandemic where I would spend my days at home and unable to see my friends and some family, it is a very scary situation for us all and I applaud the people who are needed in the outside world.

I have had time to ponder my life before and after surgery and when I look back at my flares of IBD, I actually feel so much better now. I can eat without feeling ill or running to the toilet. I can go out and about ( pre-Covid 19) without the need to make sure I know where every toilet is and without having to ring my husband to come and get me because I feel unwell.