Hello Ostomates and Friends

Hello fellow Ostamates and Friends ,

My Name is Bob im a 73 year old who lives in Lancaster .  I would like to tell my story about living with a Stoma. I suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for over twenty years ,lots of time off work , severe depression , etc etc.  Then on 28th sept  2004 after asking for a illeostomy  several times, I was told i could have one , and I did! And guess what i have never looked back. My life is just perfect-  like everyone else I have had a few ups and downs. I can go on holidays with my wife Hazel , and dont worry about things.  My hobbies are walking and photography.  I walk in all sorts of weather and all sorts of terrain.

The main reason im telling this is that there is life after a A Stoma. TRY  AND ENJOY IT!  Please don't  keep  everything to yourself , don't be embarrased  about asking for help.  I'm sending a couple of photos.

If i can do it , i'm sure you can.

Enjoy life Bob