2021 Charity Calendar

Some of you will know that I am a regular contributor to this site, writing (mostly) monthly blogs.

We are a community, we are all the same, and we all share a common theme ... we all have a stoma. It's nothing to be ashamed about ... in some cases, it was created to end a medical problem - for some (like me), it saved our life's.

Yet, there is still a stigma attached to knowledge of a stoma... "normal" people become curious and concerned, whilst for us ostomates, it's who we are .... the same as anyone else ....

So, I was thinking today, why don't we ostomates get together and raise awareness on a different level from what already happens, and so.... let's produce a 2021 calendar.!

Don't dismiss this idea out of hand .... those willing can have their photo appear on a calendar for next year with all proceeds going to a charity yet to be decided amongst ourselves. - this very site could help to advertise it!

The only criteria is that your stoma bag must be visible. Think calendar girls meets the full monty (but on a lesser scale!)

I'm not talking nudity - I'm thinking about swimwear / underwear / anything tasteful to  help display your stoma pouch in all its glory.

I'm not ashamed to admin I'm a tad overweight, and certainly not photogenic, but I'm more than happy to embarrass myself.

Anyone else with me on this? anyone else think it's a good idea to show the public we are no different, whilst raising money for charity? - Anyone else think their granny would like a nice 2021 calendar?

If this is something you would consider, make a comment below ... I'm sure Johanne on site will help put up all in touch!

Here's hoping there are some others who are as daft as me .....