Stoma resiting

Hi has anyone had their stoma moved to the other side and what does it entail? recovery time, pain etc, thank you

  • Hi Clare

    yes I have as my original one didn’t form properly. Mine was moved up about 4 inches. At the time I was desperate for a working stoma but in hindsight I should of thought more about where it was going to go as now it restricts me wearing most trousers. If I remember the recovery was good and after a couple of weeks I was back to normal 

  • Hi, thanks for reply, good to know it was fairly quick recovery. They said that if they just revise it then I will be more prone to prolapse or hernia, but then if I have it moved to the other side,  worry about the join having to heal again and poo getting in it. oh well I will have to have it done at some point.