What's been your best moment of 2019?

Just wanted to say Happy Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone on A Bigger Life. Thanks for being part of this amazing community.
What's been your best moment of 2019?

  • When I decided I was sick of eating things (as I always felt sick or was sick) so this week I went on a fluid only fast and boy did it make life easier. Instead of having to get up every 1.5 to 2 hours to empty the stoma bag I could go 4 hours and just past urine. After 3 days I am feeling so much better and tomorrow will start having just a little bit of something health to eat that won't put pressure on my stoma and make it sore (my skin doesn't like adhesives at all even with all the skin prep!). I managed to go an entire week without having to change the bag, so that was a plus. My doctor will keep an eye on how I go.

  • That's wonderful you've found some relief and managed to get some more sleep. Really pleased for you.

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